Nick Tortorici

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Nick began his design career with his wife Heidi in the retail clothing business. Together they opened their first store in Brentwood and created a niche in the sportswear world designing and manufacturing in their own unique style for a host of Southern California’s trendsters and celebs.

Inspired by fashion and style, together they established an Antique and Interior design store soon thereafter inspired by combining both elements of design to form a sense of aesthetic for the home in both classical and modern sensibilities.

As their business grew, Nick noticed that his eye for assisting designers and decorators was not to be limited to the confines of the retail walls around him.

He began working with some of the top photographers of the day propelling him to run alongside them in their efforts to visually captivate and collectively create imagery for the entertainment and media world.

As Nick honed his craft in front of the camera his passion for artistic freedom became so alluring that he jumped into the world of production design and gave up his retail roots.


This passion for stimulating the world through visual imagery is what began this journey and is what drives Nick today. “ Creating a visual image communicates an idea for the world, how we perceive, relate to, and identify with our culture.” Nick’s approach to every project carries this thought into his quest to produce an image that stimulates the senses and stains the mind.

Nick has collaborated with such photographic talents as Art Streiber, Patrick Demarchilier, Michael Thompson, Martin Schoeller, Andrew Macpherson, Andrew Southam, Russell James, and Timothy White amongst a variety of many artists.

Nick has worked for such print names as Vanity Fair, Entertainment Weekly, In Style, Details, Esquire, Men’s Health, Wired, O, Rolling Stone, and GQ magazines among others.

Nick has also been part of creating artwork for all of the major movie and television networks including ABC, CBS, NBC, HBO, CNN, Fox, TBS, TNT, A&E, The CW, MTV, SciFi Channel, Showtime, Lifetime, Universal Studios, Columbia-TriStar, Dreamworks, Paramount, Sony Pictures and Warner Brothers Studios.

Nick’s career has spanned 15 years and his continual pursuit of excellence is still his driving force today.He currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife and children.