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Samelia | Make up Artist | Biography 

Samelia was born and raised in Miami, where fresh skin, bold color, and a natural glow are celebrated as beautiful. From a very young age, she was exposed to the drama and theatrics of beauty by spending her childhood as a professional ballet dancer. Having spent the majority of her life on stage, it was her need to master her own make- up for rehearsals and performances that laid the foundation for her future career in make up. Samelia began doing make-up not only for her own professional dance performances, but for her fellow dancers and friends alike. She just couldn’t get enough of all things of beauty! 

“The” memorable moment in Samelia’s career was her first make up job. Sony Music selected her to do a featured artist’s album cover, which was being shot by renowned photographer, Alexei Hay. Inspired by Hay’s passion to capture beauty, it was suddenly clear to her that creating an image through make-up was her true calling. Working on that album with Hay taught her the business of make-up and drove her to attend a professional school in order to hone her talents. 

Samelia then moved to Los Angeles, where she attended the Make up Designory (MUD), specializing not only in beauty, but in special effects make-up and airbrushing as well. During that time, she assisted Make-up Artists such as Pat McGrath and Sharon Gault on fashion shows and editorial shoots. When her make up studies were complete, she immediately signed with an agency. 

Since then she has worked her make up magic on celebrity faces and music’s chart- toppers. In addition to working at such events as the Oscars, the Grammy’s, and the VMA Video Music Awards, Samelia has also been featured as a Celebrity Make-up Artist on VH1’s “American’s Smartest Model” and Flab to Fab.” “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” “Good Morning America,” and The Dave Chappelle Show” can also be added to her TV list. And in the way of editorial, she has worked for magazines such as British Glamour, Vogue, Surface, Yoga Life and Playboy to name a few. 

Samelia moves seamlessly between editorial, commercial, TV, and music video shoots. She says, “I just love making people feel sexy, sophisticated and true to themselves, while bringing out their best.” It is her creative versatility working amidst all mediums of fashion and beauty that sets her from the rest. 

Samelia is represented by Rouge Artists. 



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