Shannon Grey Williams

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shannon grey williams make-up artist

Shannon always knew she wanted a creative career, and applying imagination to the art of make-up was a natural fit. Shannon’s affinity for hair and make-up began at the age of five when it was decided that Barbie needed a ‘makeover’ and it was done with a permanent marker. Her love and curiosity of make-up grew in her early teens when she discovered Vogue and being a teen in the ‘80s it was the best time to learn and experiment with the fashion forward looks, wild make-up and big hair.

Shannon moved from Baltimore, MD to New York City to work in the fashion industry it was then she discovered she could make a living doing make-up. Shannon was very lucky when she had the opportunity to work for Charlie Green and was able to assist her on the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show for several seasons. Over the years Shannon worked with a number of Industry Heavy weights such as Fulvia Faraolfi, Mary Greenwell, and Vincent Longo. Shannon’s most influential mentor was Vincent Longo he saw her natural talent and offered her the opportunity to work in Milan and become familiar with his European contact and finesse her talents before she went out on her own. Always seeking new experiences, she has practiced her craft any chance she got and finally landed her first big job as the Make-up Artist for U2 when they were doing a show In New York City. Shannon has worked all over the world from the tops of glaciers to exotic Caribbean locales. Her expertise has given her entrée to the fashion and entertainment industries. She has collaborated on campaigns for Izod, Levi's and Triple-Five Soul among others. Shannon's commercial clients include American Express, Sprint and Lubriderm. And, her celebrity roster includes Eve, Christy Turlington, U2 and cast members of the Sopranos.

Over the years Shannon has become a jack of all trades and can jump from a Campbell’s Soup commercial to a Runway show without batting an eye.